baby hand in adult handOk so I need to vent. Dearest little Freddie is 10 months now, in fact he’s almost 11. But there’s a serious possibility that Mommy will lose her shit very soon. You see, he’s always been a fairly clingy baby, clingy to Mommy anyway. But all of sudden anything other than him being permanently within 3 inches of me he finds completely unacceptable.  Some days I think he’d rather starve than have me out of his sight for 2 minutes while I make lunch or a bottle.

Is his development behind?

I personally think his physical development and mobility is a little behind. I know I shouldn’t compare but clearly I’ve been there 3 times already and the others were just doing a lot more by this age. Although Eliza didn’t walk unaided till just after her 1st birthday, she was a super fast crawler and very mobile in pulling herself up furniture and cruising around the room. Sam and Abi even walked around the 10 month mark. But Freddie, well he can sit unaided and if you put him in his tummy he kind if slithers around, mostly backward I must add. He likes to stand but only holding onto Mommy and grasping at my clothing and skin! I’ve put him by his walker and stood him by the sofas, being careful to be within catching distance but no, he immediately reaches for me.

Frustrated! Him and me!

Personally, I think his lack of physical ability is causing a lot of frustration and this is possibly part of the problem. I sit him on the floor, play with him for a while but then the second I get up he cries. Show him his toys and then he cries because he can’t reach something and is unable to get himself into a crawling position from sitting. Help him into a crawling position and he ends up going backwards further and further away from his toys which just ends in even more frustration and screaming. He tries his hardest to get on his hands and knees but it lasts a few seconds and then he collapses back down again.

Groundhog day

He finally gets tired, rubs his eyes and I put him to bed. Trouble is he gets up a while later and the whole process starts again. Oh and this morning his nap routine consists of him screaming his head off upstairs while I pretend not to notice the baby monitor and get some washing in and work done before Eliza needs collecting from nursery.

Arrrggghhh tell me you’ve been there? Please tell me it gets better!!

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