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10 months and trying mommy’s patience

baby hand in adult handOk so I need to vent. Dearest little Freddie is 10 months now, in fact he’s almost 11. But there’s a serious possibility that Mommy will lose her shit very soon. You see, he’s always been a fairly clingy baby, clingy to Mommy anyway. But all of sudden anything other than him being permanently within 3 inches of me he finds completely unacceptable.  Some days I think he’d rather starve than have me out of his sight for 2 minutes while I make lunch or a bottle.

Is his development behind?

I personally think his physical development and mobility is a little behind. I know I shouldn’t compare but clearly I’ve been there 3 times already and the others were just doing a lot more by this age. Although Eliza didn’t walk unaided till just after her 1st birthday, she was a super fast crawler and very mobile in pulling herself up furniture and cruising around the room. Sam and Abi even walked around the 10 month mark. But Freddie, well he can sit unaided and if you put him in his tummy he kind if slithers around, mostly backward I must add. He likes to stand but only holding onto Mommy and grasping at my clothing and skin! I’ve put him by his walker and stood him by the sofas, being careful to be within catching distance but no, he immediately reaches for me.

Frustrated! Him and me!

Personally, I think his lack of physical ability is causing a lot of frustration and this is possibly part of the problem. I sit him on the floor, play with him for a while but then the second I get up he cries. Show him his toys and then he cries because he can’t reach something and is unable to get himself into a crawling position from sitting. Help him into a crawling position and he ends up going backwards further and further away from his toys which just ends in even more frustration and screaming. He tries his hardest to get on his hands and knees but it lasts a few seconds and then he collapses back down again.

Groundhog day

He finally gets tired, rubs his eyes and I put him to bed. Trouble is he gets up a while later and the whole process starts again. Oh and this morning his nap routine consists of him screaming his head off upstairs while I pretend not to notice the baby monitor and get some washing in and work done before Eliza needs collecting from nursery.

Arrrggghhh tell me you’ve been there? Please tell me it gets better!!

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Toddler friendly day trips in the Heart of England – Part 1

Bidford-on-avon & Tenbury Wells

After a stressful start to the Summer holidays I made it my mission to have a few decent day trips, well, at least once a week with the littlies.  I don’t know about you but I’m certainly not a fan of soft play areas and most town play areas are generally heaving given the first glimpse of sunshine.  So my challenge was to find a few fun places to visit.  Fun for them AND for me!

Tenbury Wells

Tenbury Wells is a small ancient market town with a multitude of quaint black and white buildings and history galore.  It’s a place I’d only ever driven through until this Summer when Mom suggested a day out there.  Very scenic location, Tenbury Wells is situated alongside the River Teme that separates Worcestershire and Shropshire.  The drive there alone was worthwhile.

Tenbury Wells bridge
Bridge at Tenbury Wells – Photo from
Black and white buildings in Tenbury Wells
Tenbury Wells – Photo from

So, our day out with a toddler and baby started with a trip to the play area at the Burgage.  This is a fab little park and although it was Summer holiday time it was not busy at all.  Eliza had a fab time playing on the slide and running in amongst the coloured ‘pencils’ before we all sat down to a picnic at one of the tables within the play area.

a slide in the childrens play area at Tenbury Wells

Childrens play area at Tenbury Wells

Time for a cake break

After lunch we popped to the nearby loos (yes toilets, essential with kids) and then headed into the high street just a few yards away.  We walked the length of the town and popped into a few gift and charity shops.  The whole walk only took us about 45 mins.  On our way through the town we looked for a suitable place for a quick cuppa and slice of cake but a lot seemed a little tight on space for 2 buggies.  We struck lucky though when we found The Spotty Dog Tearoom.  We had a lovely cream scone and Eliza had a delicious slice of Victoria sponge cake that the lady was happy to serve as smaller slice suitable for a little belly :).  Again, great facilities for a family and plenty of room for us to manoeuvre buggies with ease.

Inside the Spotty Dog Tearoom in Tenbury Wells
The Spotty Dog Tearoom

The Burgage Recreation Area

After our snack we headed towards the bridge and turned right along the riverside path that leads past Tesco and onto the Burgage Recreation Area.  We followed the path and Eliza stopped to give us a little impromptu ‘Frozen’ performance in the small shelter overlooking the river. We carried on in the direction of the play area stopping along the way to sing songs and look for fairies in the trees.  This is a fantastic tree lined space and again not at all busy.  We discovered that there was a second play area right next to the one we stopped at originally.  This one was simply fab for Eliza, it was aimed at the under 8’s so everything was just the right size for the littlies with a super wooden climbing frame with bridges and puzzles to solve.

The younger children's play area at Tenbury Wells
Young play area at Tenbury Wells – Photo from

We sat on the grass and played games and had lots of fun taking photo’s and trying to get Freddie to keep his hat on!  All in all a super little place for a fun day / afternoon out when the sun is shining.


The bridge at Bidford-on-avon
Bridge at Bidford-on-avon

One of our favourites is Bidford-on-Avon, as we visit here at least 2 or 3 times every year.  You can park right on the riverside with plenty of space to run around with a ball, kite or just the dog!  There are a few picnic benches and an absolutely super play area (along with an outdoor gym area that many parks have nowadays).  There’s a small toilet block and we often take a stroll over the bridge for fish and chips from Seafoods chippy.  If the mood takes you, you can walk right along the riverside away from the main parking area and watch the wildlife and boats pass by.

Playing Frisbee at Bidford-on-avon
Riverside park at Bidford-on-avon
Toddler running with ball at Bidford-on-avon
Plenty of room to run around

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A motherhood moan

It’s been a while and I’m afraid my returning post is a moany one I’m afraid.  Why the long absence?  Well you may remember I’m one of those very strange individuals who decided to start all over again in the child rearing department.  Freddie will be 9 months old on Thursday (oh my god where did that time go?) and Eliza is nearly 2 and half (28 months to be precise) and don’t we know it!  That should go some way in explaining my lack of presence.

I’m not saying that motherhood is a chore but it can sure be hard sometimes especially when only Mommy’s assistance will suffice and Daddy has suddenly become the big bad hairy monster.  I guess we all have days where we’re sick of watching Toy Story for the umpteenth time (Eliza’s current favourite), trying to be creative with baby meals or changing yet another stinky nappy.  Yep, some day’s I just don’t want to ‘adult’ or more specifically ‘mom’.  Don’t get me wrong I love them all with an absolute passion (yes, even the older ones!) but even mom needs a break from time to time.  On the odd occasions where I get half a day completely child free the feeling of love I have for them upon collection time is so intense.  I guess it just gives you time to recharge your batteries before starting again.

I must add, Freddie is a nocturnal creature by nature.  Wherever he got the idea from that this was acceptable behaviour is beyond me.  Sam, Abi, Eliza…..all slept through the night from around the 6 week mark, but Freddie? No, he thinks he’s quite within his rights to wake us up gone midnight and then maybe again around 2 or possibly 4am.  You see there’s no real pattern.   People ask “oh, is he really hungry or can he just not settle himself?” but believe me give him a 5-6oz bottle and he’ll polish off the lot!  That’s on top of 3 – 4 bottles during the day plus ready brek, fruit purees, finger foods etc.  This child has hollow legs I swear!  I know it could be worse, I read stories of 9 month olds who still wake every couple of hours through the night and I do wonder how these parents are still sane.  The truth is I’m nearing the end of my tether atm. I think 9 months of disturbed sleep can do that to a person.

Eliza has her ‘moments’ and currently I’m pleased to say they are getting fewer though I know they will no doubt return when I least expect them.  She’s a happy girl but very wilful.  She knows what she wants and will often cry and shout till she gets it.  She hasn’t yet realised that Mom is just as stubborn though and shouting and screaming will get her nowhere.  On the whole her behaviour is good at the moment (aside from a lot of I want, I want, I want) but we find late morning/lunchtime she gets very whingy and moany and we can tell it’s a tiredness thing.  Couple of hours in bed on an afternoon soon sorts her out.

I think the thing that’s hard is that you lose a little of your identity.  I am Mommy. I feel that all of my hobbies and interests have had to be shelved as there is no ‘me’ time now.  Even if I’m not looking after the kids I have housework to do.  If it’s not housework then there’s admin to do for our business.  In my rare child free times when the kids are in bed I have to weigh up which is more important the housework or work-work.  I then get a couple of hours to cram in a much as possible before they’re awake and the whole cycle begins again.  4 o’clock rolls around and we’re into the realms of “what shall I do them for tea tonight”.  Queue google ………’9 month old meal ideas’….Pinterest can be a god-send!  My one saving grace is Ladies Choir which has just started up again.  Tuesday nights are mine and you will not take them.

I think the long and short of it is, there’s just not enough hours in the day.  Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, every other Mother of a large family.  Trouble is if there were more hours in the day I’d just be too knackered to appreciate them anyway!

Sorry, I will stop moaning now.  It’s 5pm, teatime and Pinterest awaits my perusal 🙂

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A belated card creation

Just a quick one tonight.  Made a lovely card (well, yes I’m biased) for hubby’s birthday back in June but thought I’d forgotten to take a pic………….that was until today when I realised it was on my mobile phone all along!

I decided to go with a black & white theme and used an old photo I’d sneakily acquired from mom-in-law.  The photo itself was actually in colour but after copying it I converted it to grayscale to keep with the theme of the card.

Apologies for the quality of the photo!

'P's 40th Birthday Card

Tuesday’s Treasures – Baby Memories

Tuesday’s Treasures – Baby Memories

Whilst sorting the bedroom during the week I got a little sidetracked and started sifting through some of the books and photo albums on our bookshelf.

We have two lovely ‘Baby Record Books’ from when ‘S’ and ‘A’ were born and I adore looking through these and reminiscing.  Along with photo’s and baby details we kept copies of newspaper cuttings and other announcements, cards, locks of hair and gift tags.  I could spend hours looking back through these especially reading about all their ‘firsts’ and how we felt when they said their first word took their first steps etc.  It all seems like such a long time ago now they’re 14 and 10!

I’m so glad we took the time to keep these books updated now as ‘A’ very often loves to also have a read through and asks questions about what she did when she was little.  They really are something we’ll always treasure.


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