As long as I can remember nail biting has always been a bad habit for me.  Where I got the habit from I have no idea. Neither Mom or Dad were biters and they say you tend to mimic those around you.  I used to bite my nails so low when I was little that my fingers would bleed. Not a pretty site I can tell you.  As I got older I longed for lovely long nails I could paint and show off, but still I couldn’t break the habit.

Finally at the age of 33 (yeah, 33 not sure why?) I did it! With a mix of using Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth and Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Cream I managed to abstain from the biting habit and for the first time ever I had the lovely long nails I’d only dreamed about.  From here on my nails stayed this way until……….my pregnancy with Eliza.  Whether it was the pregnancy anxiety, sleepless nights or changing hormones, I once again bit my fingers to shreds.  Once again I grew them back for a short time until…….yes, you guessed it my pregnancy with Freddie.  Once Freddie was born in fact, I actually bit them more than ever yet again returning to those horrible stubby finger ends.  It was time to take drastic action.  This time I was really finding it hard to succeed using my previous techniques. My nails looked so awful that I hid them as much as possible.  Someone suggested trying acrylics or gels so I went to see Rachel who was recommended by friends to see what she could do.


Bitten nails

When she saw them she was shocked to say the least but was adamant that she could do something. She suggested that gel polish wouldn’t look great at this stage as they really were so short so we went with acrylic tips with gel polish.  I was really concerned that they wouldn’t stick but she did a fabulous job and they stayed on for about 2 weeks.  I went back again to have infills and for her to repair a couple of tips that had come off.  By this time the nail bed had grown a little so the next lot of tips stayed on even better.

On my next visit I had the tips removed and just had gel polish put on my own nails that were growing fabulously.  From here on I went back every 2 – 3 weeks each time getting another coat of gel.  I found with the gel polish on I wasn’t the least bit tempted to bite my nails.  The gel makes the nails much thicker and quite hard.  It helps to protect them while they repair themselves.  My one bad habit however is that I tend to peel the gel off once it starts to flake instead of waiting to have them soaked off.  This doesn’t really do your nails a lot of good, however, it’s still an improvement on biting them.

The Process

Nail biters acrylics
From left going clockwise: acrylic tips, acrylic tips then gel polish and
gel french polish on my own nails

As you can see from my latest picture my nails have grown considerably now.  They still break from time and I somehow manage to damage them doing silly things.  Still very proud of how they look now and love to show them off.  I’ve had so many people comment and ask how I managed to break the habit that I thought I’d post my advice to help other nail biters out there.

Habit broken = beautiful nails

Nails grown after biting


Nails grown after biting
Barry M nail colour
My nails here are painted by myself with Barry M – Dark side of the shroom – gel nail polish.  This is the first time I’ve used a Barry M polish and I’m really impressed with the results.  With this particular polish you’re supposed to use the Barry M gel top coat which I didn’t realise at the time.  However, I used my previously bought Rimmel Gel Top Coat and this worked perfectly well.
Good luck and good growing!
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