I have many traits, some good, some bad (my husband could make a lot of suggestions here) but probably my most prevalent is my creativity.  I’m not happy unless I’m creating something, anything.  Be it composing a new song, writing harmonies for our ladies choir, prettying up the house or trawling through a myriad of Pinterest posts trying to decide on the next craft project I can undertake. My name is Rachel and I am a Pinterest addict. There, I said it.  In all honesty, I probably spend far too much time saving pins and planning rather than actually ‘doing’.  Its a small (large) issue I have. My head is constantly buzzing with ideas so much so it’s hard to switch off when I go to bed at night.  It can be a real hindrance though as I can never quite decide what to get started on as I want to try EVERYTHING!rachpoppy pinterest profile - twinkle twit

Home and Garden Inspiration Board

I have a ‘Home and Garden Inspiration’ board. Well all I can say about that is, ‘Inspiration’ yes, ‘reality’ erm nope!  All very beautiful but where is all the everyday crap on these pins.  I mean where is the boot that your toddler has decided to place on the windowsill for dramatic effect or the half eaten toast that your one year old has decided to throw on the floor for the dog.  Maybe you don’t have a dog so don’t have the luxury of charmingly customised french doors complete with scratch marks and muddy paw prints or maybe you’re lucky enough to have a fully decorated hall, stairs and landing rather than the one sample piece of Laura Ashley I have sellotaped that’s been there for maybe 3 years? I kid you not!

Food, Glorious Food

Anyone who knows me especially the kids will assure you I’m no chef.  But somehow I feel that saving pins lilke Chicken Parmesan bake and Baked Meatball Parmigiana will suddenly turn me into Nigella overnight.  It’s not that I can’t cook (although the older kids will tell you otherwise with their tale of my Lasagne Soup) it’s just that I basically can’t be arsed.  The vision of myself adorned with Cath Kidston apron, in an immaculately tidy kitchen whilst children sit quietly occupied at the nearby kitchen table is a picture of perfect domesticity that’s almost hard to resist.  ‘Almost’.  The fact is though that the real scene would probably bare more resemblance to an episode of Hoarders. Mismatched pots and pans covering the entire worktop, a flour explosion, kids killing each other in the next room (yes, we don’t even have a kitchen table) and an end result that looks like a science experiment.  Strangely enough this is what puts me off the whole idea.

Baby and Toddler Boards

I have a couple of Baby and Toddler boards which have proved useful.  My particular favourite posts would probably be ’10 ways to stop a tantrum’ and ‘My child whines all the time’.  However, ‘Forty+ handmade gifts for kids’ and ‘How to make a busy box for toddlers’ tend NOT to be utilised quite so often.  A little too much effort and patience required for these and most days the accounts, vacuuming, general clean up gets in the way.

Craft Projects

On the craft project front I’m more willing but by the time I’ve finished saving those pins on DIY Wine Cork Pendants, Fabric Pumpkins and that Burlap Wreath Tutorial I realise I have no corks, the fabric I have is not quite the right pattern and I must pick up a reel of burlap next time I visit Hobbycraft.  I do get started occasionally however and recently had an afternoon working on some mason jars. Here are the results……

ombre spray painted mason jar pink and gold Lilac chalk painted mason jar with white spotsPink chalk painted mason jar with hand painted flowers Off white chalk painted mason jar with hand painted roses

You can find all these in my Etsy Shop. Yeah, shameless plug, who cares ;).

Craft Rooms and Craft Organisation Board

Now let me move onto my ‘Craft Rooms and Craft Organisation’ board.  Fabulously spacious work areas with an array of plastic boxes, storage solutions and general cleverness.  Hmmm if you could only see my craft space.  I use that term lightly.  My actual craft room, in theory should be a wonderfully organised haven of creativity.  You see, I had a gorgeous summer house built in the garden around 2 and half years ago with more than enough room to get my craft on.  Well life, work and two further babies got in the way and my summer house is still just that – a summer house.  No electric, no light and many boxes of craft (or crap as hubby calls it) are piled high, most overflowing and jumbled.

rachpoppy pinterest boards - twinkle twit

So why the fascination?

Despite my own lack of Pinterest worthy loveliness I do love to look at everyone else’s and I think that is where the real appeal lies.  I can very easily get lost in my ‘Cosy Christmas and Winter Wishes’ board.  There’s just something so inviting about a fireside candlelit scene to invoke a warm feeling inside.  Or a picture of children awaiting Santa’s visit to bring back memories and excitement of childhood.  I can dream about the clothes and shoes I’d like to own even if my own bank account won’t allow.  And I can marvel at the uniqueness and creativity of others from beautiful water colour paintings to an upcycled broken chinese crockery dress.

So how do you all feel about Pinterest?  Love it, hate it?  Please don’t tell me though that yours is one of the lovely homes I have pinned to my Home and Garden Inspiration board.  If so, I really don’t think we can be friends.  Those homes are not real, not in my mind anyway.  Everyone is welcome in the Pinterest addicts club, make your confessions now!

Thanks for stopping by! x