I’ve been having some super feedback recently from my lovely Instagram family as I like to call them.  As you know my crafting ‘time allowance’ is fairly limited these days due to a) having nowhere to work and b) a baby of 10 months and a 2 year old, need I say more?!
However, I discovered that I was acquiring rather a large collection of baby food jars and the crafter in me just kicked right in with thoughts of….. hmmmm I could do something with those.  So, a few post bedtime (for the kids, not me) craft sessions later and lots of trial and error and I managed to create some lovely decoupage jars.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  The title says Decoupage Candles? Yes, well I’m coming to that.  My hairdresser upon spotting the jars said how lovely they were and would I like a table at their school Christmas Fayre in December.  At first I thought I’d never manage to produce enough stock with such limited time but then I thought what the hell, I’ll just do what I can.  Fast forward a few Pinterest scrolling sessions for craft ideas and I came across Decoupage Candles.  I thought I’d give others the chance to see how simple these are to make and maybe have a go for themselves.

Decoupage Candle Tutorial

1.To start with you need the following items:

Church / Pillar candle
Metal spoon
Tealight or open flame of some kind
Small scissors

Decoupage candle materials

2. Next you need to decide which part of your napkin design you’ll use for your project and cut it out.  This is where the small scissors come in.  You can see I’ve taken the centre ‘wreath’ part of the napkin and already cut it out.  You don’t need to be completely accurate as you can leave some of the background colour in there too if you think it looks OK.

Napkin for decoupage

3. Now, you need to take the napkin design that you’ve cut out and peel away the layers so that you only have the top layer of the napkin left.  I find most napkins are 3-ply so you will need to peel away 2 layers and discard them.  Peel carefully though as the top layer that you’re left with will be very thin and will rip easily.

Split napkin layers for decoupage

Split napkin layers for decoupage

Top layer of napkin for decoupage

4. Place the top layer of napkin onto the candle and smooth gently with your hand just to make sure you’re design fits. Make any adjustments with the scissors as necessary.

Napkin placed on candle

5. Take your metal spoon and hold it above the naked flame taking care not to touch the heated part of the spoon.  IMPORTANT – you will see from the pictures you need to heat the ‘inside’ or the arched part of the spoon as you will be using the back of the spoon on your design.  Your spoon will turn black from the heat so if you heat the wrong side and then rub your design you will end up with a big black charred mess!

Heat spoon

6. Take your heated spoon and firmly holding your napkin to the candle start to rub the back of the spoon in circles on the napkin. I find it best to start in the middle of the design and then work my way outwards.

Rubbing decoupage image onto candle

7. As the candle starts to heat you will see the wax start to seep through the napkin.  This is what we’re trying to achieve across the whole design.

Wax melts through napkin decoupage

8. Keep heating you spoon and rubbing the napkin making sure to keep the napkin as tight and un-wrinkled as possible.  You may get the odd small crease in the design but it will look fine as long as the wax keeps soaking through and you just keep smoothing.

Heating spoon to continue decoupage

Rub spoon over decoupage image

9. Be sure to make sure that wax has soaked through your whole napkin, paying special attention to all of the edges.

The result – one decoupaged candle!

Decoupage christmas candle using napkin

Would love to see some of your creations if you find time to have a go.  Of course if you don’t fancy the hassle of diy then you can always buy one of mine ;).

Alternative technique

As a side note, it is possible to also get the same end result using a heat gun or blow dryer.  I have tried this technique but personally found the heated spoon much easier.  The blow dryer heated the candle a little too much, creating runs in the wax and I found that I still needed to smooth the design using a spoon.  In conclusion, I simply didn’t have enough hands :)! Try both though, you maybe more successful.

Thanks for stopping by! x

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