There’s something about September I’ve always loved.  I think Tom Hanks sums it up perfectly in the film ‘You’ve Got Mail’. “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies.” Maybe I long for the carefree school days when picking my new pencil case, binder and pens for school start in September was my greatest stress in life. 


I think it’s also the anticipation that Summer is over and we’re moving onto new things.  New school classes, new weather, new clothes. Then right around the corner comes the turning back of the clocks, dark cosy nights, Halloween and before you know it (dare I say it?)….Christmas!  Sorry, shoot me now. I mentioned the big ‘C’ word.

So September for us is not quite the hectic time it is for some.  We don’t have school age kids that need a multitude of school uniform items or stationery.  However, this September saw Sam our 20 year old back at college part time doing a teaching qualification, Abi back at college continuing her Music Tech course and little Eliza, well she joined the educational ranks and started nursery 2 mornings a week.  Which I must add she is totally loving!  Not a single tear has been shed and most mornings she can’t wait to get rid of me and run off to the nearest appealing toy.  Must admit I think I prefer it this way though rather than a clingy, crying toddler that won’t leave my side.

So here’s my picture round up as we reach the end of September and move on to October and all things pumpkin and Halloween.

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