Remember me? Yeah it’s been a few months.  In that time our family has seen a 1st birthday, a 21st birthday, Christmas and a house move.  If someone had told me back in 1996 when Sam arrived that in 21 years time we’d be celebrating his birthday plus that of his 1 year old brother I’d have laughed my arse off to say the least!  But there we were November 2017 doing just that.  For Freddie, we hired a small community room just around the corner and invited friends and family to spend a couple of hours with him, eating cake and sandwiches.  Freddie had a whale of a time with his new toys and my friend made him the most amazing Bing Bunny cake.

Sam’s birthday on the other hand was a little bit more of a lively affair.  We hired a room at the local cricket club and all had a great time dancing the night away.  Sam was a little bit worse for wear by the end of the night, mistaking his sister for his cousin and falling asleep in bed with his head in the sick bowl!   We did discover the next morning that he’d also had a small accident during the night but my lips are sealed on that one.  (You’ll have to ask him yourself if you wish to learn the gory details).

Christmas was fairly quiet with a breakfast out at Gil’s Old Village Stores in Wolverly on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day at home and then a Boxing Day family meal at Bodenham Arboretum.  Eliza really enjoyed the whole Santa experience this time and she had a little more idea what was happening now at the grand old age of 2.  I think Freddie would have been just as happy with the wrapping paper to be honest but wow did he enjoy his Christmas dinner!

Sam with his cousins, girlfriend Masie and sister Abi at Bodenham Arboretum
Christmas Eve Breakfast at Gil’s Old Village Store, Wolverly
Boxing day lunch and Bodenham Arboretum

With Christmas out of the way, 15th January saw Sam and his girlfriend Masie move into their first home.  A very exciting time for us all although they did have a pretty awful first week. Their boiler played up hence no heating, I visited with the littlelies and had my wing mirror destroyed by a complete prat of a driver and then their oven door dramatically exploded on their 4th night in the house showering Masie’s legs and feet with glass and seeing her in A&E.  All has settled down now.  New oven fitted, a nice warm house and all quiet on the western front.  A little too quiet for Sam so it seems especially when Masie’s at work and he’s left to his own devices.  Never thought he’d miss the hustle and bustle of ‘hotel Griffiths’ but appears he does, well a little bit anyway.

It does feel strange having your first born fly the coup.  Everyone keeps asking if I’m missing him and it’s a strange one really.  He’s spent such a lot of time away from home over the last couple of years that I’ve kind of got used to him not being here anyway. I suppose it sort of broke me in gently.  I do miss our occasional afternoon horror film sessions that we used to enjoy. This was something that just we shared as both Paul and Abi hate horror films. We managed to get one last viewing in just before he moved out and spent the afternoon hiding behind cushions (well me anyway) and generally scaring the shite out of each other whilst watching ‘It’.They’ve not moved far and we’ve already had several face time sessions including one where I instructed him how to program the thermostat.  Isn’t technology a wonderful thing!  I also got a text message to tell me that him and Masie, being the responsible adults they were, had decided to have pudding for dinner and were having a sleepover/cinema session in the lounge.  The photo’s that followed confirmed his with them sprawled under the duvet on the lounge floor.  Well as far as I’m concerned if you can’t have you own ‘duvet sleepover-in-the-lounge pudding-for-dinner cinema day’ when you first move in together then there’s something wrong somewhere.

I packaged up some of the things he’d left behind.  I’m not a big crier but I’m not ashamed to tell you a shed a little tear when I opened a box to find the football trophies he’d amassed as a child.  Thinking of him in his various football kits and football boots.  Consoling him when he didn’t get to play and praising him when he got man of the match or scored a goal or two.  From playschool to nursery, to primary school, to high school, to college, to work…..21 years has passed in the blink of an eye.

We miss his loud voice, be it shouting or singing but the language in the house is certainly a little tamer these days.  We’ve discovered that his bedroom has carpet which was a shock to us all.  We miss his ability to make us laugh with the most politically incorrect comments at the most inappropriate moments.  We miss all the things that make Sam, Sam!  I’ve no doubt if he reads this he’ll say “for gods sake mom I’ve only moved up the road” but I know deep down he’ll be glad to know he’s missed.

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