Rainbow Baby Blanket

I’ve been working on this project for a few months and finally finished it a couple of days ago for my lovely friend who’s expecting a baby on the 5th Feb.  I was originally making two of these as I found out I was pregnant myself back in September.  My plan was to make one for myself and then one for my friend but sadly, I miscarried.  It took me a few weeks before I felt able to pick up my project again and continue without feeling teary and upset.

These granny square blankets are so easy to make and are perfect for the beginner.  They only use Triple Crochet and Chain Stitch, so there’s not a huge amount to learn.  It’s amazing how quickly they grow but then eventually you do get to a point where it takes an age just to finish one side! I’m not the fastest crocheter in the world.

I decided on a rainbow theme as the sex of the baby had not been confirmed and cream or beige just gets a little boring.  I’d made a few granny squares before in various patterns but this was the first blanket.  I’m a bit annoyed at how the squares came out twisted but I’ve seen a solution for this since finishing.  Apparently, if you turn your work over after each round (ie. working on right side, wrong side, right side, wrong side etc) this solves the problem.  Needless to say I shall be trying this next time.  I did decide to block the blanket when I’d finished and this went some way to helping the twisted look and at least made the side line up nicely.

My Basic Concept (UK terms)
DK Yarn
4mm Hook
The blanket follows a basic Granny Square pattern (You can find these anywhere on the internet but try – Little Tin Bird , Girly Bunches – Granny Square Part 1 Video).  I decided that I would like tighter stitches so only chained 1 stitch between each cluster of triples.  The corners were also completed in the same way using one chain but with – 3 tc, 1 ch, 3 tc into the same stitch.  I did 6 rounds of rainbow colours, changing colour after each round and then 5 rounds of white.  This I repeated twice more before completing the blanket with a final round of red.

To finish the blanket I used a slightly different round, this time I used 2 tc, 2 ch, 2 tc in each stitch to create a scalloped effect (or double V edging as it’s actually called).  For the full pattern see here – Bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.com.au

My friend thinks she’ll have her new arrival any day so looks like I finished it just in time!

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Some ‘old’ posts for you

Hi all

Just to let my old and new followers know that I’ve now imported all my old posts from Tales from a Mother, Musician and Multi-tasker over to here as I now intend to use only the one blog for everything!  So those of you who don’t know me too well, have a browse through my old posts.

You’ll notice I now also have some additional pages which include Crafty Blogs and Sites I love and a couple of pages dedicated to my other great love….making music!  If you have a craft site you’d like me to add, please just get in touch and I’ll head over and have a look.

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Packing and crochet projects

After my rather cynical last post of 2013 I did actually have a lovely peaceful Christmas. No rushing around and lots of family time with games and films galore. But I’m quite pleased to say goodbye to certain aspects of 2013, so bring on a new year!

2014 so far has seen us packing a few boxes in prep for our move. We don’t have a completion date as yet but we’re hoping for end of Jan/start of Feb. Unfortunately this means I’ve had to pack up my craft room for the time being. Lack of creativity is driving me insane so I’ve picked up my crochet again to do a little hooky! After being inspired by some of the lovely items on Pinterest and Instagram I decided to have a go at making a yarn wrapped wreath. 

I bought a small polystyrene heart from Hobbycraft and wrapped it with a mint green yarn from my stash. I then made a variety of small crocheted flowers using various online tutorials in pink, white and purple adding a button to the centre of each one. I pinned them individually onto the wreath and then completed by tying a hanging ribbon.  I’m quite pleased with the result but I didn’t realise how large the flowers were on the wreath until I started to the pin them on.  In hindsight I would use a smaller hook next time for a wreath of this size.

Since my miscarriage in November I’ve not been able to pick up my crochet as my last project was a large granny square blanket that was intended for our baby. I’ve decided to carry on with this now and give as a gift to my friend who’s expecting in a months time. It’s coming on nicely and I reckon maybe 8 more rounds and it will be finished. Pictures to follow!

I’ve been out and bought a lovely stash of cotton yarns in super bright colours. I’d like to make a flower garland and maybe some bunting for our new house, so time for some experimentation I think.

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Are you looking forward to Christmas?

I know I shouldn’t really admit to this being an avid crafter and all that, but I’m really not up for Christmas this year.  I don’t know why it is exactly but it just seems one extra ‘job’ to add to the ever growing list of things to do.  Anyone who knows me will know that my decorations are normally one of the first to go up in our street.  As soon as December 1st rears it’s head our Christmas tree is down from the loft and I’m busy making a Christmassy mess!  But not this year.  I’d planned to make a start this weekend but even that now seems like a chore with the barrage of other things awaiting my attention.

We’ve been through a tough month and this probably isn’t helping in the festive stakes.  We found out we were expecting a baby back in September.  I sailed off happily for my 12 week scan a few weeks ago only to find that we had in fact lost our baby at 7 and a half weeks.  I’m coming to terms with this slowly but I still have little wobbles occasionally (like yesterday when I inadvertently walked through the baby clothing aisle in Asda :().  Add to this the huge amount of expectant or new mom’s I see on my travels – I think they’ve all been sent to rub salt in my wounds.

What with all this and the fact that we’re in the process of moving house, I just can’t get excited about it all.  It almost feels like our life is currently on hold until we move onto new (and hopefully better) things in 2014 and this is what I’m really looking forward to.

I feel such a hypocrite as I’m busy making seasonal plaques and tree hangers to fill others houses with festive cheer and yet my own festive cheer is sadly lacking.  I think that Christmas has become so commercial and I know I’m definitely not alone in feeling this way.  Our families ask us for lists of what we’d like and I spend time quizzing our kids to then distribute their choices throughout the family so that everyone has a specific gift to buy at the correct price…………arrrrggghhh.  For goodness sake, it’s all got so ridiculous and I’d just like the simplicity of it back again.

I’ve toyed with the idea of carrying out some volunteer work coming up to Christmas to help remind me of those who really need some festive spirit at this time of year.  I’d love us to do this as a family as I think it’s something we all need every now and then, a little jolt to remind us of the things that really are important.

Sorry for the moany post, I just felt I needed to get this off my chest.  I wonder if anyone else feels like this?  If so please assure me I’m not alone.  I’m sure as work dies down and the decorations finally go up, a little Christmas spirit will probably emerge from somewhere.  I’ll keep you posted :).

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Filofax Love and Tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I badgered my lovely Hubby into letting me purchase a filofax.  As an avid IGer I love seeing the pics everyone posts of there filo’s and personalised stationery.  After much googling I decided on the Filofax Original in Fuchsia patent.  I went for the personal size as I thought the A5 might be a little too big to fit most of my bags.

So far, my Filofax Original has suited me down to the ground.  It came with a selection of stationery, blue, green, pink and white note paper, squared paper, to do lists, contact pages, diary plus the usual size charts and notable dates pages.  I got to work straight away by making my own dividers.  Some of the ones I’ve seen on IG and Pinterest have been fab so I took inspiration from these.  As I’m into card making I have quite an array of backing papers so decided to use some of these for the job.  The ones I actually ended up using were freebies from Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine but with their floral patterns, they were just the look I was going for.

  1. I started by drawing around the dividers that came with the filofax onto the backing papers so that I had the perfect outline which I then cut out with scissors.  
  2. Once my dividers had all been cut out I laminated them using A4 laminating sheets.  I found that I could get 3 of the dividers in one A4 sheet.  
  3. When the laminated sheets had cooled down I once again cut around the dividers using scissors, leaving a small (approx 2-3 mm) edge to allow the laminating sheet to stick together.  
  4.  I traced the punch holes from the original dividers onto my newly laminated dividers. 
  5. I don’t have a fancy filofax hole punch so I punched each of the holes individually using a single handheld hole punch.  Obviously, this takes a little longer but is a much cheaper option.  

And there you have it, lovely floral filofax dividers!

I bought some super Forever Friends sticky notes while we were away in Cornwall and I’ve put these inside the clear pocket that came with the Filofax.

Seeing as a couple of my Filofax sections are music related (Ladies Choir and School Choir) I decided to make a few note paper pages with a musical background.

  1. I found a background image from the internet and then using MS Word I sized the background to the size of a ‘Personal’ page.  
  2. I also turned the image to greyscale to fade it slightly.  I then copied and pasted this 3 times onto my A4 page.  
  3. On each background I added a text box with no outline and then added a table with only bottom lines showing, hence creating my lined paper effect.  
  4. I printed these to A4 white paper and cut out using my paper trimmer.  
  5. As with the dividers, I traced the holes from some of my original Filofax stationery and then punched with my single hole punch.

Voila, musical note paper!

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Relaxing Cornwall crochet

Last week we were down in beautiful Cornwall. We stayed in the peaceful little hamlet of Rosecare, just a few miles from Bude. As we’ve stayed in this area many times we decided that this year, we’d have a relaxing holiday taking it easy and not rush around from one town to another.

As the weather was fairly mixed we had a lot of days where we just lazed the morning away in our lovely cottage and just headed out as soon as the sun showed itself. This free time was a great opportunity to throw a few crochet projects together. I started with a lovely cupcake keyring, moved on to mini christmas trees (piccies coming soon) and then spent many a free moment making mug cosies.
I managed to find some fantastic wooden buttons from a little shop in Bude and these were just perfect to finish off the design.  The pattern itself is from bubblegirlknitandcrochet.wordpress.com and she very kindly have me permission to sell the items I make. Off to the yarn shop soon to get some more cotton yarn in various colours so I can have a range in my Etsy shop. 
Mug cosy’s are priced at £4.50 and available to order from etsy.com/shop/twinkletwitcrafts or by messaging me through my Facebook page at Facebook.com/twinkletwit .
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The 1st Twinkle Twit FB Giveaway

As my Twinkle Twit Facebook page has started to grow over recent weeks, I decided to set a target of 100 ‘likers’ or followers.  Today I finally reached my goal and so my 1st Facebook Giveaway has begun!

(Following FB rules) my giveaway is being run by a 3rd party app which will choose the winner at random for me one week from today.  All you have to do is like my Twinkle Twit page, click the button on my page and answer a quick question about what Christmas items you’d like to see in my Etsy store.

One lucky winner will receive a lovely crochet heart made by myself. The heart is padded, scented with coconut oil and embellished with a crochet flower and leaves.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, please visit my FB page at www.facebook.com/twinkletwit and then click on the giveaway tab at the top.  No time to waste, competition ends in 7 days!!

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A new world of craft

Well guys and girls, it’s been a while!

Things have been hectic over the last few months but I thought it was time to resurrect the Twinkle Twit blog and tell you what’s been happening.

Up till the end of 2012 my main craft love was all things papercraft – card making in particular with a little scrapbooking thrown in for good measure, however 2013 has seen me take on a whole array of new craft projects.

It all started earlier in the year when I was put on anti-depressants by the doctor.  Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it.  I was suffering terribly with anxiety and panic and got to a point where I couldn’t socialise or even visit friends.  When I began the new meds they really knocked me for six.  The side effects were horrendous and these went on for many weeks.  During this time it was difficult to commit to anything but on the odd occasions when I felt better I wanted to do things that would occupy my mind.  My first project was to be an Easter tree.  I took a slow walk with Mom to the local playing fields and chopped off a few willow branches to start work on my project.

After this I began experimenting with wooden plaques.  My bro is an expert in the carpentry department so he cut me some various blanks and I spent time playing around with them to find the best materials and supplies to use.  The plaques became popular and many of my friends were asking if they were for sale so I decided to open up my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/twinkletwitcrafts and also list items on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

I’ve also been learning to crochet and I have to admit, I think I now have an addiction!!  I never really got into knitting although both Mom and Nan were avid knitters, but I love the fact that with crochet it’s not all about cardi’s and scarves!  You can start a little project such as a brooch or hanging item and have it finished in a few hours.  I’m by no means a expert and not very quick but I love the things I’ve made so far using lots of fabulous resources on the internet. We’re really lucky to have a fabulous wool shop in Halesowen called Withit Witch I popped in this morning as I’ve decided to make a little something for Mom to hang in her hallway.

I saw a sign recently that said creativity is not a hobby, it’s a way of life, I really think that’s true.  My mind is constantly in craft mode, if I see an idea or project then I have to give it a go, or spend time thinking about how I could do it differently.  The crafter’s mind never stops!  I have to say, I have trouble getting to sleep some nights (oh dear, now I really do sound like I have problems).

I’m so pleased that I decided to stray from papercraft, as although I still love it and try to make cards for all my friends and relations, I’ve found this whole new world of crafting that means things never get stale or boring.

I have a couple of crochet projects on the go at the moment so piccies coming soon!!

Flowers and fairy – Get Well Soon

Another of my friends from choir has recently had a serious operation and is currently recuperating and unable to come back to choir.  I’d got a lovely stamp that I’d found online, coloured and filed away some time ago so thought this might be the ideal card to use it on.

Hubby bought me a super little sewing machine for Christmas as I was really keen to try stitching on my cards.  I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first time I’ve used it.  Anyhow, I’m pleased with how my first ‘stitching’ attempt has gone but I think I could still use a bit more practise.
I used pink cardstock to layer my sentiment and stamp and the mats for the stamp were made using my Xcut dies.  The paper flowers were from my stash and the stamp was coloured using Promarkers.
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House Mouse Gingerbread Xmas

When I subscribed to Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine at the end of last year my free gift was a super House Mouse pack including 2 stamp packs and a set of decoupage sheets.  As it was a little late last year to use the Christmas goodies I’ve been waiting till now to get them out and try them.

The stamp is Christmas Gingerbread House from Joanna Sheen and I have coloured the image using Promarkers.  I fancied making something a little different so I looked to Youtube for inspiration and found a great card layout by DaisieMae12.  The papers I’ve used are Papermania Mistletoe Kisses and I’ve used my Marianne snowflake die with a button and bakers twine to embellish the bottom corner.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

I <3 Promarkers – #139 Anything Goes
Charisma Cardz – #41 Clean and Simple
ABC Christmas Challenge – U for Up to you
Christmas Crafting Challenge – #15 Buttons and Twine

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