My Twinkly World

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​So this is me!  Born and still living in the West Midlands until fate or luck moves me away to the countryside or better still the coast!
I work from home part-time assisting my husband with our Safety Consultancy business and also work within local primary schools running children's choir sessions.  Any other free time is spent pandering to my  Border Terrier, 4 children or being creative.

Twinkle Twit started as a blog specifically for cardmaking and all things papercraft around 4 years ago.  After then I  expanded to crochet, wooden items and fabric pieces when finding my items were becoming very popular with friends and family.

Since starting Twinkle Twit I have had two further children in 2015 and 2016. As you can imagine time is tight in the Twinkle Twit house but I simply love my little shop and sharing all my pretty makes with everyone.  I have now specialised in themed jewellery and little wooden houses which you'll find listed in my store.